Music plays a wonderful role in all of our lives. We enjoy in on the radio, at concerts, on CDs and iPods. But for those who have the skill to create or perform music, the enjoyment goes even deeper. When you can express yourself with music and entertain others, the personal rewards are life-long.

In today's world, the guitar has become one of the most popular means of musical expression. Its versatility extends across virtually all musical genres from classic to blues to jazz and rock and roll. Added to its popularity is its portability; your guitar can go wherever you go. When you choose to learn this instrument, a lifetime of opportunities are at your fingertips - literally.

The Christopher Howard Guitar Studios offer affordable guitar instruction for people of all ages and skill levels. Chris is dedicated to ensuring that beginners start with the right fundamentals and experienced players learn the techniques that will make them better guitarists. Private lessons are designed to fit each individual's level of experience and learning level.

Chris has a BA in Music Performance (Guitar) with an emphasis on composition and theory.

Musical styles that Chris is versed in include: